Thursday, September 04, 2008

Mira's Registration

Mira registered for Nursery for end of this year. Mira followed mama to the school and this is what Mira wear to school. Mira looks like a big gal.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Zahra Ulfah

9 Months Old

Ulfah was 9 months old last 4 July 2008. She can sit on her own, she can crawl, she can shout very loud. And obviously she can cry very loud for her milk.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Gals and The Bicycle

Ulfah looks like a big gal on the bike. Mira is so happy that Ulfah is sitting on the bike.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Mira and Papa

Hahhahaa...see our sleeping position. Like father like daughter!!! Both were taken on different nites!!

Kashmir Holiday Part 3

Ulfah had her hair shaved before we came back to Singapore. She cried the whole way through just like me...hhahah... she is so pretty and so cute.

My Sister And I

We wore the same clothes on this day. Papa loves to see us wearing the same clothes and he asked Mama if there is anymore matching clothes. We were going to Papa's cousin house. Don't we look adorable?!! I like running around and going up and down the stairs.

Kashmir Holiday Part 2

We went to a few places and poor Ulfah have to stay behind with Dadi and Dadu. These are some photos of us in a garden near Dal Lake. That is my cacu with me and Annam.

The photos on the horse is at Yousmarg, a picnic area that is in a valley. I rode a horse with my Cacu. Mira sure had alot of fun. Although Mira fell many times but she still continue playing with Annam.

Kashmir Holiday Part 1

We came back on 15 June 2008. We reached home at around 7pm. Mama's slipper broke in Indira Ghandi International Airport. Mira sat with Mama and Ulfah was on Mama's lap. After take off, Ulfah fell asleep and Mira fell asleep too. There were 2 empty seats next to Papa and Ulfah was put there with blankets and pillows around her. Mama nad Papa have a little bit of peace.

Monday, June 02, 2008


We are going to Kashmir tonight. Our flight is at 2300hrs. This will be Ulfah's first time on the plane and Almira's third. This is Almira's 2nd visit to Kashmir. Dada had been counting the days that we are reaching Kashmir. We have to stop at Delhi first and we will take the connecting flight from Delhi at around 10am Indian time. Mama will have to carry Ulfah on her lap for about six hours in the plane and Ulfah is not that light...hahahha...neither is Almira. Mama hope that both Ulfah and Mira will sleep throughout the flight from Singapore to Delhi so that Mama and Papa will have some peace.

Friday, May 09, 2008

I'm Seven (months old!!!)

Ulfah is seven months and is able to sit quite strong. She still does not like to turn on her tummy and refuse to crawl. She will smile and laugh if allow to sit. Mama thinks she will skip the crawling stage and will straight away walk.